IT Analytics Services that allow you to collaborate across IT, control costs, mitigate risks and improve customer happiness.

RAPA Insight – How it Works

RAPA Insight does not replace your existing operational tools, it coexists with them so you can maximize the value you get from your technology investments. RAPA Insight’s evidence based results help you determine if your tools have reached their full potential or if you are ready to benefit from the deployment of new tools or simply upgrading existing ones.
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IT analytics how it works
RAPA Insight - 20 Functional IT Areas

20 Areas of Raw Data Analysis

RAPA Insight looks at raw data from 20 different critical areas inside a business that affect IT performance is able to see how events in one department affect performance in another, gathering relevant data from different places to build the ‘big picture’ people need to see.
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Customer Testimonial - WorkSafeBC

“RAPA demonstrated the ability to take a complex set of business requirements and simplify them to an actionable set of outcomes that helped us drive our business initiatives forward.”

Todd Yule, Director of Technology Services Management.