IT Business Management Audit

RAPA understands that auditing an IT capability (i.e. change management, cloud management, etc.) requires scoring factors that are not solely collected through structured data (i.e. governance, skills, etc.).  It is important to be able to connect the things that IT does to the things that IT needs to achieve in order to service customer need.

RAPA has extensive experience linking different areas of the IT operation required to meet a strategic objective. We know how processes in one department affect performance in another.  We know that quality data is imperative and we know what it looks like. This experience is the backbone of our IT Business Management (ITBM) Audit, supported by our proprietary data analytics accelerator RAPA Insight.

The RAPA ITBM Audit can be applied to a specific IT capability (i.e. SaaS management, cost transparency) or holistically to validate where the biggest ITBM risks exist in IT. In every case, we intentionally deliver the audit in two parts to ensure time, and money, are not wasted in low priority areas or areas not linked to strategic objectives.

Discovery: Strategic and Tactical Priorities

By immersing our team in the culture of your IT department, we get smart about what is important to company leadership and how that translates to, or is perceived by, IT operations.  Here are just a few areas we address during discovery:

    • Strategic initiative alignment with funding allocation and reduction
    • IT business management capabilities
    • Collaboration assessment
    • 3-5 year change vision
    • What IT thinks works really well and what doesn’t
    • Process and procedures maturity
    • Service ownership
    • Resource allocation, capacity and capability
    • Technology

RAPA’s IT Business Management Audit identifies opportunities to continuously improve, cut costs, mitigate risks and improve customer satisfaction.

Data Analysis: Evidence based recommendations

The discovery work completed in part 1 allows RAPA to work with customers to prioritize where effort should continue.  For example, there is no point completing an audit assessing service oriented IT if transforming to service oriented IT is not in the current IT plan or 3-5 year change vision.

Once areas of priority have been identified, RAPA turns to available data across relevant IT practices to assess current state of capabilities and capacity to achieve strategic objectives. Data will only be accept from trusted source systems as defined:

A repository that contains information that is current, accurate, complete, reliable, usable and maintained systematically throughout its lifecycle.  A trusted source can reside in a spreadsheet, home grown / COTS database or any other repository.

RAPA’s ITBM Audit scores maturity: from chaotic to service-aligned and identifies how processes in one department affect performance in another:

Audit Events Relationships

The outcome of the audit supports an evidenced based prioritization of IT Program Management initiatives.

The technical people in a company tend to look at problems from a technical point of view. When they think of solutions, they imagine only technical solutions. The company’s business people, meanwhile, look for business solutions using business approaches.  RAPA’s IT Business Management Audit brings these two worlds together.

RAPA’ ITBM Audit brings to light the areas of IT that pose the greatest risk to financial health and reputation. We identify risk in specific silos as well as risk that is present due to events identified in combination across multiple IT functions.  IT Business Management Audit and Outsourced IT Program Management

RAPA is independent. We focus on implementing IT programs that increase business value and make the most of your tools of choice.

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Based on a clear understanding of IT’s current state, IT Programs are then designed, development and implemented with the ongoing responsibility of producing measurable business benefit in specific areas that support IT strategic goals. Contact RAPA to get started.