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  • Two years in the life of a start up

    Two years in the life of a start up

    As posted on LinkedIn It is somewhat strange to say “start-up” when combined, Pierre and I have been at the IT game for more than 45 years.  We are more passionate than ever about what we do. About 4 years ago, Pierre and I were working for the same enterprise software vendor. We worked so well and comfortably together with customers. I led t...

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  • RAPA. Launch day!

    RAPA. Launch day!

    Welcome to RAPA Consulting! Today is launch day! We officially opened our doors today and we thank you for visiting! If you’ve already spent time on other site pages, you know that we are all about customer advocacy in IT Asset Management (ITAM). This is a simple approach in terms of our business model but it is significantly meaningful to our custom...

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