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#2 – IMPORT Asset Data – PowerShell cmdlets

#2 – IMPORT Asset Data – PowerShell cmdlets

Import asset data


Import image

Here are a two more PowerShell cmdlets.

These ones are used to import Hardware Asset Information using the SCSM CSV Import connector. You provide it with the format file name (xml) and either the data file name (csv) or a command line switch to prompt the user for the import file name or import directory.

Again two scripts are provided separating the UI and the import function. The “Import-CSV” cmdlet can easily be executed as an SCSM task.

You could use an updated version of the export script provided in a previous post and this import script to update a large set of hardware assets as part of an ITAM process (i.e. End of Life Process).  Follow these steps:

  1. Export the Hardware information you want to update using the Powershell cmdlet.
  2. Open the resulting file in excel to validate the information, share with other stakeholders, trigger other processes, refine the result set and update the information.
  3. Use the import cmdlet to update the hardware assets in the CMDB.