IT Asset Management – Financial Management of Hardware and Software Assets

IT Asset Management’s role, is to keep financial lifecycle information related to hardware and software assets up to date to ensure it is readily available for operational management and IT planning.

RAPA has extensive experience helping customers consolidated detailed IT asset information by collaborating with IT financial management, IT contract management, IT procurement and IT operations teams.  IT asset management is a cross functional IT practice that requires accurate information and strong governance.

IT Asset Management, ITAM

A real world example: IT would like to move a physical server, supporting a critical business application, to the Cloud.  Before that technical change is made, the business implications of the change should be assessed.

  • Who is accountable for the physical server?
  • What is the financial lifecycle status of the physical server and the software running on that server?
  • Can the physical server be used somewhere else in the organization?
  • What is the financial impact of migrating the software running on that physical server to the Cloud?
  • Does the software license agreement, for the software running on the physical server, support the migration to the Cloud?

ITAM’s role is to provide this information, to ensure the information is accurate and to provide it to decision makers so that they are informed.

As a first step, RAPA audit’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) trusted sources.  This may be a COTS application, well managed spreadsheets or what we typically see; a combination of the two. Based on a clear understanding of ITAM’s current state as made visible by the audit, IT Programs are designed, development and implemented with the ongoing responsibility of producing measurable business benefit. Contact RAPA to improve your ITAM maturity.

IAITAM – global ITAM community group.