You cannot effectively manage what you do not know!

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) is a key indicator of IT health.  It’s role is to identify service assets (hardware, software, services, people, etc.) and their configuration in the delivery of service to customers.  RAPA has extensive experience helping customers identify and manage service assets, their configuration and their relationships – which are not all discoverable or tangible.

We help customers establish and sustain service asset and configuration management as a core practice that gives organizations the ability to plan, downstream or upstream, when considering change to meet customer needs.

Service Asset Configuration Hierarchy

For example: understand what servers (physical or virtual), software components, business applications, business systems, business services and clients would be affected if a specific data center went down (service failure).  Service asset and configuration management is applicable on a macro and micro scale (retiring a server).

RAPA’s service asset and configuration management methodology supports industry best practice – ITIL, COBIT and ISO 20000.

As a first step, RAPA audit’s SACM, Enterprise Architecture and CMDB capabilities. Based on a clear understanding of IT’s current SACM state made visible through the audit, IT Programs are designed, development and implemented with the ongoing responsibility of producing measurable business benefit. Contact RAPA to improve your SACM capabilities.