Bridging the gap between business and technical IT

RAPA’s technical expertise is focused in three areas:

Information and Data Modeling

RAPA consulting helps you break down business requirements so that it is easier to understand the information needed to support them. In many cases, business requirements will depend on connecting IT information from various sources with the help of RAPA Insight.

IT Information encompasses financial, technical, operational, managed and discovered data. A key aspect is to identify common and shared information from trusted source systems to satisfy stakeholder requirements.  Information coming from a single source can be used by various stakeholders as the trusted source of that information or as a validation point against other information and objectives. Understanding the IT information required to support IT business goals is core to establishing, managing and sustaining business benefit.

Solution Design

RAPA consulting helps customers design IT solutions that directly support stakeholder requirements and expectations.

Solution design must follow clear understanding of business requirements and the information and data model.   The in scope IT capabilities should be practical, usable and based on the business requirements.

Though solution design is a technical activity, business understanding increases the value of the solution. Business understanding reduces the impact on operational resources and increases integration and interoperability with other tools to the benefit of IT overall.

Report Design

RAPA consulting helps clients keep business requirements central to the report design process so that stakeholder get value out of reports. Stakeholders across IT, and at every level, require information in a format that makes sense to them.

Report design must reflect a clear understanding of business requirements and the related information and data model in order to produce usable reports that address stakeholder requirements. It should focus on target reporting environments to ensure the target audience’s requirements are met. With this focus, IT can define what data is required and how the data can be collected much faster.


RAPA does not compete with or replace your technology vendors service teams or system integrators of choice. We sit beside them, ensuring that your business requirements are not lost in the technical effort.

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