IT Business Management Audit and Program Management

RAPA audits data across areas of IT that pose the greatest risk to financial health and reputation. By immersing our team in the culture of your IT department, we figure out how to be successful with those doing the work. Our goal is to gain a practical understanding of IT’s current state and design, implement and maintain IT programs that produce results.

IT Business Management Audit and Outsourced IT Program Management

 IT program management takes a holistic view of IT and is tied to strategic outcomes.  To get there, you must have a clear understanding of your current state.

Step 1 – IT Business Management Audit

RAPA is focuses on core IT practices responsible for control of the IT operation. Our proprietary audit technology (RAPA Insight) validates if key control data is present and the quality of that data.

Step 2 – IT Program Design, Development and Implementation

Our approach to program management is not theoretical. We align strategic objectives (top down) with operational capability and capacity (bottom up). Current state is proven through the audit process before program management begins.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure strategic alignment and value creation
  • Identify and address risk quickly
  • Proactively identify gaps in process and governance
  • Understand what IT projects are needed versus wanted
  • Evaluate cost pressures / make informed investment choices
  • Improve design, integration and resourcing
  • Get ahead of external auditors
  • Continuously improve


RAPA is independent. We focus on implementing IT programs that increase business value and make the most of your tools of choice.

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Case Study #1 – Service Accountability Program

Our customer’s strategic plan includes transformation to a service oriented IT organization.  RAPA audited configuration management, service catalogue, solution management and time tracking practices to validate the current state of service orientation.  We validated that service and process ownership was not well understood and that service asset and configuration management (SACM) did not exist. We designed and developed a practical service oriented program that is a part of the IT Plan.

Case Study #2 –  Vendor Compliance Program

Our customer could not see the risk associated with all of the hardware and software assets used by its clients and infrastructure teams.  RAPA audited finance, asset, procurement, operations and service desk data to validate the current state of compliance control. We designed and implemented an asset management program that proactively manages hardware and software assets from request through end of life, to mitigate compliance risk.

This section of our website covers RAPA’s two core service offerings: IT Business Management Audit and Outsourced IT Program Management.

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