IT Program Management brings IT together to make strategic goals achievable


Strategic Goals are dependent on many moving parts across IT.


IT  Program Management is responsible for the design, development, implementation and sustainment of a structured approach that links strategic goals to measureable operational activity.

Cloud transformation, information security, merger & acquisition risk mitigation and business services are just a few examples of the strategic goals that are top of mind for company leadership when they think about IT. These are complex initiatives that have dependencies from different areas within, and beyond IT, they will not succeed if managed disparately.

Program Management is accountable for:

  • IT governance required to control related activity and ensure quality
  • Financial transparency
  • Operational activity alignment with strategic objectives and corporate governance
  • Ongoing management reviews
  • Understanding technical requirements, development and integrations
  • Resource allocation and skills management requirements
  • Performance monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Planning

RAPA’s proven program management methodology holds us to account for making progress in a systematic way.  Program management is progressive by nature and takes a long term view of generating business benefit. All program management engagements begin with RAPA’s IT Business Management Audit.

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