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The Matrix 4: IT Projects

The Matrix 4: IT Projects

Please humor the geek in me.

The Matrix

For those that recognize this scene from the Matrix, imagine for a moment if you will that Neo is IT and the bullets are sentient machines (a.k.a. internal customers). Neo is bombarded with a never ending stream of shifting “realities” and dire emergencies that must be dealt with, now! It is a do or die situation. In the Matrix 4: IT Projects, the picture might look something like this:

6 Matrix

 (click image to enlarge)

These are the high level expectations that IT has to work towards every day. The mountain of detail to manage underneath each expectation is enormous. If there is no order, only chaos (wow… I just sounded like Morpheus), it is hard to expect IT to deliver results.

There are many truths about IT projects, here are three:

    1. Management wants to solve business problems or realize business benefits
      • That’s it. That’s all.
    2. Nothing in IT happens in a bubble – multiple stakeholders will be impacted
    3. Technology is only part of the solution

With that in mind, organizations should be managing IT projects as more than IT projects:

    • How is the IT project linked to management’s business objectives?
    • What is a priority and what isn’t?
    • What kind of collaboration from resources outside of your team will be required and how will you win their support?
    • How will you control operational activities surrounding the project?

These are just a few questions that directly affect the success rate of IT Projects.

Try to take a top down approach to your IT projects. Focus on business objectives as the driver that manages technical implementation. If your activities add no value to the overall objective the project is supporting, stop.

Unfortunately only Neo has the power to hold up his hand and compel the sentient machines to stop. Your mission requires interpersonal skills, business logic and conviction! Taking this approach will help you bring order to the chaos as you make your way through the IT Project Matrix.

Thank you for letting me indulge my geek. Reach out if you need help.

picture owned by Warner Brothers Pictures.