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IT tools are not IT solutions

IT tools are not IT solutions

Tools are not a solutions - they are tools

IT Solutions Come From The Way You Use IT Tools And Not The Tools Themselves

You have an IT problem; you looking for a solution.  Someone comes along and says, ‘I’ve got a tool that can fix your problem.’ ‘Great!’ you say, and you buy the tool and start using it.

But what if no one checks to see if you’re using the tool properly. Or whether it’s the right tool for the job. At the end of the day, tools are a means by which you create something else; they are not a solution.  If you’re not clear on what you’re trying to do, you’ll never know whether you’re using that great new tool to maximum advantage or if some other tool may have been better suited.

The scenario I’ve just described is a common one. I’ve encountered it time and time again during my years in the IT business. It’s perhaps not surprising that it should be so common. Technical people, after all, often look for technical solutions to problems they encounter.

From my experience, too many businesses are tool-focused, hoping that the tool alone will solve their problem.  They quickly forget that the solution comes from how you use the tool and not the tool itself!

A simple analogy: You can use a hammer or a nail gun to build a house.  The type of hammer you use doesn’t dictate the type of house you build.  The type of hammer you use will reflect on the abilities of who you have building the house, the environment in which your building and the materials you are using.

Getting the most out of your IT tools is no different. Interpreting the people, environment and data available to IT will determine where tool use is optimal, where improvements can be made and where you need to make a clear change. The tool’s value is then measured against the information managed by it and the business benefit gained.

Look at how you can use your tools more effectively to solve IT problems and not as the solution!

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Pierre Paquette is chief technology officer and a founding partner at RAPA Consulting. When he’s not hard at work helping organizations get the most out of technology, he’s spending time enjoying the Canadian outdoors with his life partner.