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IT Asset Management (ITAM): show business value to ensure ongoing funding

IT Asset Management (ITAM): show business value to ensure ongoing funding

ITAM’s value is measured by its ability to help IT Leadership meet Business and Governance objectives. It’s that simple.

At its core, ITAM is no different than any other IT project. You must show the business value of the operational and technology investment. However, ITAM is a unique IT practice in that it is focused on the financial management of IT assets, so the expectation to produce financial benefit (i.e. reduced TCO) is high and executive management will be paying close attention to results. If you can show the business value early, and on an ongoing basis, funding will be available to continue to advance the ITAM practice.

To show value, ITAM must ultimately provide the necessary information and/or controls to satisfy related business, governance and operational goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are not limited to ITAM operations; ITAM operations in fact should support the goals and objectives of IT Stakeholders that touch IT assets and the users of those assets.

IT Stakeholders

ITAM (HAM and SAM) consumes information from and provides information to each of these Stakeholders. The type, quantity and frequency of this information sharing is fluid and will change depending on organizational objectives, goals and ITAM maturity.

How do I show value?

You must take a top down approach with IT Business and Governance objectives driving the goals and activities of ITAM operations. ITAM operations must produce the information that IT Stakeholders need to manage IT operations and the information IT Executives need to make strategic business decisions and manage IT Governance objectives.

Key questions to keep you focused on showing the business value of ITAM:

    • How is my current ITAM practice aligned with overall IT Business and Governance objectives?
    • What data do I need to consume from and provide to each IT Stakeholder to support IT Business and Governance objectives?
    • Do I have the processes and procedures in place (and enforced) to ensure accuracy of the data I’m managing?
    • How will I show IT Stakeholders and Leadership ITAM’s value?

ITAM is not just about managing assets, it is about helping the organization achieve strategic initiatives like IT Cost Optimization, ITaaS, etc. The exercise of aligning ITAM operational activities with IT Business and Governance objectives takes effort but it is the only way you will be able to develop a sustainable and valuable ITAM practice.

To help your organization manage ITAM as a business practice, Consider the ITAM Fundamentals Workshop.