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My ITAM roadmap is blank… help!!

My ITAM roadmap is blank… help!!

ITAM is big. Where do you start? There are many things to consider when establishing an ITAM Practice and your ITAM roadmap.

A good place to start is creating a list of your objectives. In fact, these objectives are probably what  got you thinking about ITAM in the first place!

Keep in mind that the various stakeholders will have different expectations  of what they want to get out of ITAM. Understanding those expectations in advance will allow you to effectively communicate project goals and get the buy-in you need to be successful in project delivery.

You will need to determine your level of ITAM maturity and how your organization measures up to ITAM industry best practices. Knowing your maturity level will dictate how and when the objectives will be met. ITAM is not a project, it is a practice that will have many new projects over time that transition into operational routine.  It is also crucial to assess and reset your ITAM objectives on an ongoing basis and identify what is realistically possible based on your maturity level and your ability to deliver and operationalize ITAM within your organization.

In order to support your ITAM initiative, you will need to identify and select technology conducive to your maturity level.  A wide range of tools are available so consider technology not only for your immediate needs, but one that will grow with you as you mature your ITAM solution.

A clear project plan and stakeholder buy-in is crucial.   Consider a phased approach showing how objectives can be met over time.

At the end of the day, make sure you are able to deliver what you include in your plan.

To learn more about where to start in ITAM, watch the RAPA Tips video ITAM – What you need to know to get started.