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#1 EXPORT Assets – PowerShell & SCSM cmdlets

#1 EXPORT Assets – PowerShell & SCSM cmdlets

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I’ve been working with PowerShell and SCSM cmdlets to create some useful ITAM related tasks.  These scripts in particular are used to quickly export the list of ITAM end of life hardware asset candidates to a CSV file. You can modify the script to query a different class, include additional information or change the criteria. As an example I’m using a class I created to hold hardware asset data but you could query the ITAM data you’re tracking using any COTS management packs.

The CSV file can then be opened with Excel and prettied up into a report or sliced and diced using pivot tables.

Two cmdlets (Invoke and Export) were created to include the user interface and the actual data export separately.

I’ll be talking more about data attributes, import and exports using PowerShell during our webinar February 11th, here’s the link to register.