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#2 Service Oriented IT – SACM Clients and Services

#2 Service Oriented IT – SACM Clients and Services

SACM Clients and ServicesWatch RAPA’s panel of IT Business Management experts discuss the role IT Component Hierarchy, and specifically SACM Clients and Services plays in Service Oriented IT Management.

The Services that Clients purchase are comprised of a collection of IT capabilities brought together in relevant bundles for target Clients.  In some cases, Services are generic to the whole organization (i.e. Desktop Enablement) while in other cases, Services are specific to an operating unit (i.e. HR, Marketing, etc.).  Clients and Services are the 1st and 2nd tier (top down) of the IT Component Hierarchy and must be included in IT Business Analytics efforts.

Next webinar “IT Component Hierarchy – Systems and Applications” – April 21st, 2016.

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