RAPA is committed to providing free e-Learning opportunities to enterprises around the world that have recognized the importance of formalizing business processes within IT so that the business experiences value and satisfactory delivery of service. .  The content is best practice and experientially based.  All eLearning sessions are recorded and available for future reference in our catalogue of eLearning topics.

eLearning Panelists:

Pierre horizontal head shot Susan Odle - COO, RAPA Richard Laroque
Pierre PaquetteCTO  MCSE, CSAM
Susan OdleCEO  ITIL v3.5
Richard LaRocque – IT Management Knowledge Director  ITIL v3 Expert, ISO/IEC 20 000, COBIT certified


Date Session Title Description
August 11th – 11:30 AM EST Human Resources RAPA continues its eLearning series focusing the role Human Resources plan in Service Oriented IT Management.  Technology does not run itself.  Automation is the goal with any system but people are the innovative and sustaining force behind all IT initiatives, including Service Oriented IT Management.  How do you manage the cost of your human resources in a Service Oriented IT Context?
August 17th – 12:00 PM EST The Big IT Picture

Connect enterprise software to business value and customer happiness

Senior management and operational managers responsible for results in IT need to see the big picture in order to understand how IT is doing. The challenge is, the big picture is made up of a lot of different elements and therefore is not easy to see.   

Simply put, the big IT picture is all the elements you need in order to tell a complete story – what it contains, what it does, how it works, what vulnerabilities it has, how much it costs… the list goes on. The big picture is useful because it’s of greater value than the sum of its parts.

Where does enterprise software and infrastructure fit in the big IT picture?