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Technology Business Value

Technology Business Value



Technology business value

Pierre and I established RAPA to help address the vendor / customer gap that occurs with most enterprise software technology purchases.  Customers buy software applications in the hope that it will fix business problems.  They don’t expect plug and play (well, some do) but they do expect a certain level of out-of-the-box results, which in many cases does not happen.  This is not entirely the vendors fault, the blame is shared with customers.

Simple is usually hard and in this case, vendors must simply do more to help their customers link technology solutions to corporate objectives, business goals and IT governance processes. Better still, vendors must help customers operationalize the business practices that rely on technology enablement, so that business value can be realized.

RAPA’s mission is to help customers succeed in realizing business value from the technology products and services they have invested in.  We are extending our services to work with technology vendors to help them, help their customers.  Customer success = customer retention!

Watch the 3 minute video above to get a full picture of the challenge and opportunity.  As vendors, if we address the business needs as well as technical needs, we will increase our scope of work and improve the success rates of our customers.  It is a win-win.

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