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What if you don’t know what questions to ask of your data?

What if you don’t know what questions to ask of your data?

What if you don't know what questions to ask of your data?

When you pick up a telephone and dial a number, you don’t have to wonder why, if you dial a 1 and the area code, it automatically sets up a long-distance call. You just accept that it works.

It works because a lot of people, at some time, put a lot of energy into thinking through the whole issue, developing the technology and working out the bugs.

The result is a seamless transaction: You dial without having to worry about how it all happens.

When we set up RAPA Insight, we spent a lot of time thinking and tinkering so that our managed software service would work just as seamlessly.

We know our clients are looking for answers to critical questions they need to make their business run smoothly.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so they don’t have to.

We understand that a company’s CIO needs to answer the following questions:

  • How do I deliver quality service?
  • How do I accurately report on my spending?
  • How do I mitigate risk across the whole IT department?
  • How do I keep my customers happy?

The number of questions that must be asked to get accurate answers is astronomical. No one person or department has all the answers.

What you can do, though, is figure out what information you need to answer questions, and then see whether you are able to access and extract that information easily. You can also figure out how information available in one part of the company affects answers in another part.

That’s what RAPA Insight does.

Our service was built from the ground up to ask the right questions, and to tell businesses whether they have the information they need to answer those questions.

We mine and analyze a company’s own raw data to find links between different areas of operation, from human resources to customer complaints. This allows them to focus business process improvement efforts. RAPA Insight can see how processes in one department affect performance in another, and use the information gathered to generate strategies companies can put into place to continuously improve their operations, cut costs, mitigate risks and improve customer happiness.

How does a CIO know what questions to ask?

The beauty of RAPA Insight is that the CIO doesn’t need to know. Our system generates the questions and the answers from the company’s own raw data.

In fact, it will ask the right questions automatically, even if the CIO gets distracted by pressing issues that demand his or her attention.

Could a company develop its own system? Probably, if they put a lot of effort into it. But we think it’s more cost effective to use RAPA Insight. We’ve already done the heaving lifting – just like the people who developed long-distance dialing.


Susan Odle - COO, RAPA

Susan Odle is chief operating officer and managing partner at RAPA Consulting. She has been in enterprise IT for over two decades, is ITIL Foundation V3.5 certified, enjoys anything outdoors with her life partner and 4 kids and wishes she had more time to moonlight as a singer-songwriter.

RAPA Insight – how it works- 3 minute video.