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Who’s analyzing your analytics?

Who’s analyzing your analytics?

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More and more, organizations rely on business analytics to know what to do.

They crunch data to generate key performance indicators (KPIs), and those indicators are then used to make operational decisions.

But is the data you use to generate the KPIs accurate?

Are you sure?

How do you know?

When we created RAPA Insight, we wanted to provide something that didn’t exist anywhere else – to fill a genuine need.  We found our niche when we realized that organizations don’t have an easy way of knowing whether all the data on which they base their decisions is the right data. Not that it’s easy to know when data is valid. If it were, someone would have created something like RAPA Insight before.

Our service doesn’t generate the actual data. It helps validate the data you have. It tells you whether the tools you are using are up to the task of doing what you want them to do.

What makes data the right data?

Our service’s ‘secret sauce’ is its ability to analyze and cross-reference data to determine its validity.  For example, we’ll look at your data to see whether it came from a trusted source. If the data in your system doesn’t pass the source test, we raise a red flag.

We also look at data from several different angles.

There’s a fundamental principle of geometry called triangulation. It is used to determine, for example, the distance of a ship from the shore. The idea is that if you look at the ship from two different vantage points on the shore, you can easily calculate how far from shore it is by measuring angles and doing some basic math.

We apply a similar principle to your data. By looking at it from several viewpoints, we are able to tell you how accurate it is.

We don’t just look inside one silo of information. We look inside all the silos simultaneously and make links between bits of information that ought to be related to one another.

For example, are you paying for 15 maintenance contracts for printers when you have only eight printers in the office? It could happen if the people who manage the printers don’t tell the people who manage the maintenance contracts they’ve just tossed out a bunch of old printers. Our service finds data discrepancies like that.

It’s a big job, but it’s manageable. It’s the difference between analyzing a person’s entire DNA, and looking for a few unique sequences within the DNA that provide the information you are seeking.

We don’t care what the data is. We just want to know how accurate it is and how you are managing it.

In other words, we analyze your analytics to tell you whether the tools you have in place are adequate for the job you want done.

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Pierre Paquette is chief technology officer and a founding partner at RAPA Consulting. When he’s not hard at work helping organizations get the most out of technology, he’s spending time enjoying the Canadian outdoors with his life partner.

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